Creating your first virtual reality project

Creating interactive VR experience is easy with Babylon VR. Here's how


Select an experience module

Click on the 360 Tour icon under Create new projectMore experience module is coming soon!

Add one or more scenes to get started

Click on the Add Scene button for each 360 photo/rendering you have. At least one scene is required for every project but you'll probably want more to make your VR experience a little more interesting

Upload 360 photo

For each scene you create, you can upload a 360 photo/rendering by clicking on the name of the scene then select Choose File. You can also set the name of the scene here or delete any extra scenes. We suggest uploading 360 photo/rendering to every scene first before start editing your experience

If you don't have 

setup scene interactions

Once your 360 photo/rendering has being processed, you'll see that the Edit Scene Interaction button is now clickable. You'll want to click on this which bring you to our scene setup screen

Once on the scene setup screen, click on the + button to add a new interaction button. You can edit the attribute of the interaction button by clicking on it and move it around by dragging with your mouse

Publish your project on the web

Once you've finished setup interaction on all the scenes, switch over to the Publish tab to share your first VR experience with friends.

Click on the Publish Project button to share your experience on the web. A web link will be shown here. Send this link to anyone and they'll be able to view the experience you've created on their browser or smart phone. If they have a Google Cardboard, they can also experience it as an immersive 360 experience