Babylon VR is a platform for new-construction developers to showcase pre-built units to customers using immersive and interactive Virtual Reality technology.

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Potential customers enter the showroom equipped with Babylon technology.



Customers are able to visualize and design unbuilt units using VR headsets such as the Gear VR or Oculus Rift.  



Customers can save their designs into our cloud database for later access through their personal profile.



Customers take home branded Google Cardboards to showcase and share their designs with family and friends using our mobile app. 


Now Available


Showcase unbuilt condo units with immersive virtual reality technology. Customers can walk around the units as if they were actually there. 



Showcase all of your floor-plans in showroom quality, without the cost of a physical showroom. 


Customers can better understand different upgrade options and how they would look in their unit with photo-realistic visualization. 



Customers can take home branded Google Cardboard headsets, creating multiple marketing touch-points for your condo. 


 Customers' choices are saved on the cloud in a personalized portfolio. When they are ready to buy, you'll know exactly what they want.


Showcase your development as being on the cutting edge of innovation. Attract customers to your showroom with virtual reality technology.